Sona Jobarteh – GAMBIA

Ein toller Song über stolze und glückliche Gambianer, die zusammenkommen wollen in einem wunderschönen und friedvollen Land:

Built in peace and stability,
hosted by development and progress,
Humanity and happiness is on all faces,
our outstanding country Gambia.

Wherever you are, never forget your homeland Gambia.
For if you forget your roots,
you turn your back on who you are.

We are proud…
We are proud of our country

We are proud…
Let us come together and unite

We are proud…
This is what will result in progress

People of the Gambia; this is the beautiful land People of the Gambia; this is the peaceful land
People of the Gambia; this is the land of our people
People of the Gambia; there is nothing that compares to this land
People honour this country because it is blessed

We should not abandon our beautiful country
Sons/daughters of this land, let us come to together
I will truly always be proud to be a Gambian

Wherever I travel, I shall tell of the wonders of this country
There is nowhere that compares to Gambia

The home of Peace.. everyone say “Gambia”
The home of Blessings… everyone say “Gambia”
The home of Humility… everyone say “Gambia”
The home of Family… everyone say “Gambia”

Schulen in Sukuta/Sanchaba Gambia/ Westafrika