Schuljahresabschluss Nursery School

Wir gratulieren!!!

Wieder ist ein Schuljahr erfolgreich zu Ende gegangen.
Die Kinder der Abschlussklasse der Nursery School wurden in einer Zeremonie verabschiedet und erhielten ihre Zertifikate.

Mit Baobab- und Wonjosaft sowie Fishpie wurde ausgiebig gefeiert und getanzt.

Wir danken allen Lehrern und Mitarbeitern der Nursery School für ihre hervorragende Arbeit im vergangenen Schuljahr.

Einige der Schüler werden ab dem 1. August in der neuen Lower Bascic School lernen.

Hello Jochem,

The graduation ceremony was a successful one. Still the people of sukuta have a big trust on our  project. All speakers one after the other thank the school for providing affordable and quality education for their children. 

I informend the gathering the achievements of the school including the construction of a new school with support of the German people and the participation of the 

sukuta people. I also informed them the free breakfast, first aid room, trained teachers and hardworking staff, enough furniture and solid building and quality furniture and that we are celebrating our success in October/ November.

The ceremony included poems drama, song to entertain the guests. Every body was happy and smilng. We served the people and children with wonjo, baobab juice and fishpie. prizes and certificates are awarded.

I am to grateful about people, group and individual showing their solidarity to me. 

The people are registering their children for the new school. We are starting the summer camp for the children that will start on Wednesday 1st August to help them with their academic work. We are optimistic that the new school will be a successful story. We also received a lot of application from teachers for the position of teaching. Soon we will invite them for the interview and select the good and best ones.

I have place order the ceiling work as you ordered me to do. There is no major problem with regards to rain in the LBS.

Water stays infront of the house 3 and infront of office.

Greeting to you.